Task List, Project Management and More!

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We’ve been using a new online tool, called Asana, for our in-house task lists and project management needs and we want to share with you how this has been changing how we communicate in-house and how you can use it for your own needs and when working on projects with us!

Asana is a very robust task list and project manager. We won’t go into all of it, but we did want to touch on these features:

  • Personal Task List and Project Management Lists
  • Assign tasks/projects to people
  • Facebook Style Comments
  • Attach Files
  • Multi-platform

Personal Project Management Task List

Asana has a few different options for where to put tasks: Personal Tasks and Project Tasks.

Every user gets their own “Personal Tasks” area, to help keep them separate from project tasks. This is great for “stop and pick-up groceries”, “have lunch with Mark”, etc.

Project tasks are projects that you can set up that will have a set of tasks within them. This allows you to add collaborative users to that project so that any new tasks added, they all can see the tasks and what’s been completed.

You can also make any task or to-do item its own “subproject” if you like and have “tasks within a task”. (See fig. 1).

Assign Tasks/Projects to People

As stated above, you can assign people to either an entire project or to just a specific task. This allows them to update information about a task, add files, add comments, etc.

Facebook Style Comments+Project Management=Awesome!

The feature we love the most is the Facebook Style comments. Each task has a running comments section, which is great for questions, updates, etc. No more needing to send emails back and forth between people and get lost in who sent what update last. It’s all in one spot, in post order right in the task item. This ALONE was one of the main reasons we decided to go with Asana.

Attach Files

Another great feature was being able to attach files to a task. Again, sometimes those get lost with emails.


And finally, it’s multi-platform. Both iOS, Android, and web versions are available for use. So You can have Asana with you anywhere.

Other features:

We didn’t touch on everything, but some of the other features:

  • An Inbox (for new tasks assigned to you)
  • Dashboard
  • Calendar (see all your tasks at a glance)

Using Asana with us

One of the added benefits of using Asana is when other vendors use it as well. Adding their email, assigning tasks, adding files, and even communicating back and forth is so much easier. Nothing gets lost in email, and you always have a real-time view of the progress being made.

If you’re looking for a way to better manage projects or tasks within your organization, we recommend Asana.