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BJPDS Designs commenced its journey as a Graphic Design & Photography Studio under the guidance of Owner/Designer, Bert Jones. Collaborating with numerous organizations, Bert breathed life into their designs while immortalizing precious moments at events through his photography. His unwavering passion for preserving memories and engaging with individuals serves as the cornerstone of his enterprise.

With over two decades of experience in graphic design and more than ten years as a photographer, Bert revels in the prospect of new design challenges, crafting bespoke creations tailored to each client’s specifications. In photography, he finds joy in capturing cherished moments for his clients and witnessing their elation upon viewing their photographs for the first time.

In 2019, BJPDS Designs pivoted its focus from freelance graphic design and photography towards crafting custom products and distinctive personalized gifts suitable for every occasion.

By the conclusion of 2023, BJPDS underwent a rebranding, emerging as Bert Jones Production & Design Studio, with Bert’s wife, Amy, joining the team as they formalized their status as an LLC. They also added Accessibility Remediation, Podcast Production, and 3D Printing to their growing list of services.

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