Understanding RGB, CMYK, and Spot Colors: Choosing the Right Color Space for Your Project

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When it comes to graphic design and printing, choosing the right color space is crucial for achieving the best results. At BJPDS, we understand the importance of color accuracy and consistency in every project. In this blog post, we’ll explore… Continue Reading…

Vector? Raster? What the heck does it all mean?

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Understanding the Difference Between Raster and Vector Graphics Raster vs Vector Graphics. When working with digital images, it’s essential to understand the two primary types of graphics: raster and vector. Each format has unique characteristics and is suited to different… Continue Reading…

Why Microsoft Word Isn’t the Best Choice for Graphic Design

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When it comes to graphic design, choosing the right software is crucial for achieving professional and aesthetically pleasing results. Microsoft Word, while an excellent word processing tool, falls short in several key areas essential for graphic design. Here are some… Continue Reading…

Shift Happens!

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Next in our little series on design, I want to talk about “Shift” What is shift? Well, shift is what happens when you have anything printed. And this can happen on printers, copiers, presses, banner/roll printers, etc. Shift is…well when… Continue Reading…

Personalized Gifts vs. Generic Ones: Which Creates a More Memorable Experience?

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Stepping into your next birthday party, you juggle a bottle of Pinot Noir in one hand, and a generically packaged gift in the other. Your eyes meet the towering stack of similar presents, and the hope for yours to stand… Continue Reading…

Personalized Gifts in 2024: Why They’re Not Just for Special Occasions

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Introduction The age-old adage ‘every day is a special occasion’ is set for a grand revival in 2024, and personalized gifts are leading the charge. What if I told you, that the year 2024 will witness a shift in the… Continue Reading…

Using the right design program for the job!

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In my last post, we talked about how your print shop should be your first call. In this post, we’re gonna dive a little deeper on one of the reasons why that should be.

Your print shop should be your FIRST call on a project

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When I worked in a print shop, too many times I had seen clients take a lot of time to design a piece for print (or a whole campaign of items), only to not give the print shop enough time for printing, let alone pre-flighting, and then having issues crop up and their job printing late.

A print shop should be your FIRST call on a project.

The Big Reveal…

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I had the honor and the pleasure to be involved with my wife’s cousin’s 10th Anniversary. Held at the beautiful Guthrie Theater, and on the night of the Aquatennial Fireworks.

Pride Month


Pride month in Minnesota may be coming to a close, but you can always continue pride love with items from my shops! For instance, check out this Male Love Card from my etsy shop!