Using the right design program for the job!

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In my last post, we talked about how your print shop should be your first call. In this post, we’re gonna dive a little deeper on one of the reasons why that should be.

Your print shop should be your FIRST call on a project

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When I worked in a print shop, too many times I had seen clients take a lot of time to design a piece for print (or a whole campaign of items), only to not give the print shop enough time for printing, let alone pre-flighting, and then having issues crop up and their job printing late.

A print shop should be your FIRST call on a project.

The Big Reveal…

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I had the honor and the pleasure to be involved with my wife’s cousin’s 10th Anniversary. Held at the beautiful Guthrie Theater, and on the night of the Aquatennial Fireworks.

Pride Month


Pride month in Minnesota may be coming to a close, but you can always continue pride love with items from my shops! For instance, check out this Male Love Card from my etsy shop!

Task List, Project Management and More!

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We’ve been using a new online tool, called Asana, for our in-house task lists and project management needs and we want to share with you how this has been changing how we communicate in-house and how you can use it for your own needs and when working on projects with us!

Brand Guidelines

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When a company has a strong brand, they need to ensure that the brand is used to its fullest potential and that all their employees (yes, I said all) understand the brand and “live the brand”. What is the point of having a strong brand, if only a few understand it and now how to “live it” when they are dealing with the public?

Brand Guidelines help companies educate their employees on their brands. Brand guidelines are an integral part for any company. No matter how large or how small a company is, brand guidelines should be created and implemented.

Tips for an Effective Web Site

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As a graphic designer, I am constantly looking and evaluating anything design related that I come in contact with. From menus at the restaurant, other business’ business cards, web sites to even billboards as I drive, I can’t help but look at something and appreciate what is working, and critique what is not.

One that really gets me the most is web sites.

Common Traits of a Graphic Designer

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With today’s technology, anyone can be a graphic designer.

But what makes a good designer? What traits should they have? Do they need to be creative? Do they need to have technical ability?

Most successful designers would agree that to be a good designer and be successful, a designer should have a few common traits like creativity and technical ability; and a few not so common like discipline, flexibility and patience.

Designing an Effective Brochure

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Designing an effective brochure is not as easy as it may sound. Much thought must go into the brochure, such as; content, budget, setup, page layout and organization. Without the proper planning, all the effort you put into your brochure can be wasted and you will not receive the results that you expect. Good design, is not just a pretty brochure, but a brochure that has well thought out content, design and layout.

Print Design versus Web Design

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From early small-run tomes that were hand typeset, to mass-produced books of today, printing has been around for centuries. Since the early 1980s, web design has exploded and has hacked out a niche in the design industry. Both markets are equally important in reaching audiences and sharing the information that both bring to their respective readers, but creating a single design for both markets is as different as night and day.