Long Distance Design

For any design to be truly successful, it needs solid communication at its foundation.

Communication between the client and the designer ensures that they are both on the same page in regards to the vision and focus of the design, as well as its final end use.

That can be difficult when a client is on one side of the continent and the designer is on another.

With the advancement of technology and its mainstream use in the past few years, the “acceptable” distance between designer and client is growing and growing. No longer is a client tied to the design pool that is in their own backyard.

While using a more regional designer can be beneficial (who else really understands the regional culture better than someone who lives there, right?) it can also be beneficial to use a designer that isn’t regional.

Using a designer that is outside the regional sphere of influence, can bring a fresh perspective to the design and take it in a direction that may not have been thought of by the regional designer (who has been influenced by the culture around them.)

Long Distance Design lets us work with clients, no matter where they are*.

Through the use of various technologies at our disposal and combining our love for regional research, we can connect with clients through a variety of options to work on their design projects from a distance!

This also benefits our local clients by allowing us to communicate and work with them more efficiently then before.

Interested in what some of those tools are, then keep reading:

  • Private Web Conferencing (Utilizing desktop sharing, collaboration and audio/video chat)
  • Live! Broadcasting from our Studio (watch your projects come alive online and interact with us while we work on your project and see immediate changes)
  • Video Proof walk-throughs (depending on the complexity of a project, you may receive a private online video where we walk through the digital proof and point out specific design elements and rationale).
  • Email Proofing Collaboration/PDF Commenting
  • (And of course, traditional phone/email)

Interested in getting started working with BJPDS for your next project? Contact us now!

*Long Distance Design does require the use of the internet, a computer and online connectivity is required to utilize some of the technology. Contact us for more information.