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24 Nov 2011

Dynamic Form Creation

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Does your business use lots of forms? In-take forms? Questionnaires? Inventory? Have you wanted to make any of those forms digital and be able to have them available online for people to fill out and send the data back to you?

We at BJPDS have been working on expanding our knowledge of  technologies to offer you something fantastic!

Starting in the fall of 2011, we launched Dynamic Form Creation and Design.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can have your forms online, with dynamic content for your clients to fill out and send the data back to you. Saving on time and resources to get the information you need!

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content in a form allows for actions and more to happen inside the form.

Let’s say that you have a section of your form that you only want to show up if clients click on a certain item. With dynamic content, that section would remain hidden (and the forms total height “shortened” online) until they clicked that checkbox or option. Then the form would “expand” and the new section would appear for them to fill out.

Clients could also email just the data of the form to you, instead of emailing back the entire form.

Contact us now to learn more!

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